Vaša Korpa
Brza dostava za Srbiju i BiH


Fifteen years ago we met a Siberian babushka, Agafia Yermakova, who has been living all her life in the taiga. There was nothing she didn’t know about the herbs growing there! As a child, she was helping her grandmother pick the herbs and use them as medicine for healing people. The little girl was fascinated by the stories told by her grandma: where to look for herbs, how to gather and dry them and what illnesses they cure. Not to forget anything, she started writing down all the recipes and drawing pictures of the herbs in her notebook. When Agafia grew up and became the herb doctor, she still kept writing the new recipes in her notebook. During the time, spent with Agafia she was deeply enthralled by our attitude to Mother Nature and wild plants and faith in their healing power.

It was a great honor for us to get the permit to use her recipes for manufacturing cosmetic products. That's how the story of the "Recipes of granny Agafia" cosmetic line began.

Recipes of granny Agafia line contain 37 rare wild plants such as Linseed, Siberian Fir, Amaranth, Cornflower, Birch, Rosemary, Chamomile, Melissa, Cedar, Altai Buckthorn and ect. Rare Siberian plants contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, so they are irreplaceable for skin and hair care.